KACO’s Solar Power 2009 – after hour 3.0

This is the third and last Solar Power International 2009 “after hour” post. Today I’d like to introduce four important solar personalities to you and show an official Renewable Energy World video in which they share a bit of expertise with us.

But let’s slow down first…

…we all visit solar exhibitions to see what’s new, correct? We go there to discover great innovative products and services by courageous companies who’ll push our industry forward – that’s what we all want, I guess, right?

At this point I’d like to talk about an innovation that was very present at Solar Power International, but not to find physically at a booth or in a conference. It’s not a solar product yet it can help the solar community immensely to share news, thoughts, opinions and to be connected with each other at all times – worldwide.

Well, I think at this point you know exactly what I’m talking about. Yes, it’s social media – tweeting and blogging. And yes. It does work. And here’s why:

  • Connect with dedicated industry experts, clients, suppliers, media and just about anybody who shows an interest in solar in an extremely easy way. See it as a 24/7 networking event with people from the entire US (and the rest of the world) that happens on your sofa or in your kitchen if you wish. It is ridiculously convenient and a good tool to create brand awareness and exposure.
  • Get solar news first and help spreading what you think is important – Please realize: this is your chance to actively endorse what you think is necessary to spur our industry as a whole. You can make change happen, too!
  • It is cheap if you do it in house. It costs your time, but no sign up or monthly fees are required. Without spending a lot of money you’ll be able to reach as many solar folks as you want and get them to talk to you, share their knowledge with you & the other way around. They will visit your website, read your news and so on.
  • It is very easy to use. Once you’ve played around with it a bit, you’ll see, it’s not only a great networking, news and marketing tool – it’s actually a lot of fun, too!

As I mentioned earlier, in this post I would like to introduce four gentlemen, who are all solar experts and actively involved in the online community.

Kudos to:

Tor Valenza from solarpowerrocks.comThis website is a mandatory read for everyone in the industry. Period. It makes solar simple and fun while providing excellent and very accurate content. They even manage to explain complex and difficult solar topics in an understandable way. In my opinion this is exactly what our industry needs. Please rock on, solarpowerrocks.com!
Tor tweets as @solarfred

Roy Gayhart from WholeSolarWholeSolar LLC is part of an affiliated group of wholesale distributors and manufacturer’s representatives who share a passion for solar energy. Roy is very active online and shares great content on the WholeSolar website and blog. He tweets as @solaroy and @wholesolar

Deep Patel from GoGreenSolar.comIs the #1 online destination for solar products, wind power and energy efficiency. Their customers have access to products, services and financing to take over control of their energy expenses. Deep tweets as @deeppatel and @gogreensolar

Justin Hoysradt from Abundant Energy, Inc.
Abundant Energy has been Florida’s leading solar energy company and installer for the last 22 years. They have offered factory direct solar energy systems, such as solar and water heating, solar pool heating and solar PV systems. They maintain those systems through their full warranty and service division.
Justin tweets as @jhoysradt and @AbundantEnergy


They all sat together at Solar Power International in Anaheim and discussed social media (Twitter in particular) as a tool in the solar industry. And the great thing is – they share it with everyone in video form. Please enjoy:

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